ellen {bridals} julia ideson library, houston, tx

Ladies & gentlemen, I present my sister! Ellen got married last weekend & I am proud to show off her bridal photos to you! I stumbled upon the Julia Ideson Library in Downtown Houston & was quite excited when I stopped by for a quick visit. I believe the building was built in 1904 & it was recently renovated. Ellen has a Masters in Architecture & I knew she would love the architecture of the building. The courtyard was also extremely beautiful. What I was really excited about was having the entire library to ourselves during the shoot.

We discovered that Ellen has troubles doing the “sultry” face.

She did get a few honks & waves while we standing here doing photos. One van rolled down their windows to take their own photos of her! Celebrity!

Ellen’s veil was made by her good friend’s mom & it turned out beautiful!

Ellen has been in quite a few of her friends’ weddings throughout the years & has kept the three bouquets that she caught.

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julie&michael {wedding}

I am so excited to share these photos with you! In my opinion (& I’m not bias or anything…), these photos turned out amazing! That is entirely due to the fact that the wedding was beautiful & the people at it were so fun. And everyone was so in love! It was wonderful.

They met at church growing up, but it wasn’t until Thanksgiving a few years ago that Michael really noticed Julie. He told his friends that by Christmas he was going to be dating her. And he was. Their first date was on Christmas Day, & on their two year anniversary, Michael proposed at church where they had first met. He prepared her favorite dessert which they ate on the porch, & even though Julie was freezing, he wouldn’t let her wear his jacket because the ring was in the pocket.

Julie & Michael have been super fun to work with & I am still upset with them for not introducing themselves to me at Britney & Jon’s wedding in January.

Can you see the resemblance??

I absolutely LOVE all of their dresses. Seriously great styles & color.

The guys being the studs that they are.

Julie & Michael decided to pass notes to each other before the ceremony. Such a precious moment & everybody was so giggly! At least on the girls’ side of the door.

Look at this little man! He was a rather serious baby & I have several photos where he’s furrowing his brow. But it’s so cute! And his little suit!

Their ceremony photos are some of my favorites I’ve ever done. I loved that they weren’t afraid to show how happy they were!

One of Julie’s nieces couldn’t quite make it to the end of the reception!

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week 15 of 52 {self portrait}

April 8-14, 2012
Month of Ads

After flipping through way too many pages of Google Images looking at perfume ads, I started finding them rather ridiculous. When you see them one by one in a magazine, for example, you may not notice the over abundance of sensuality. However, when put up all together, it’s laugh out loud funny. Thankfully, I came across some Miss Dior ads & found them refreshing. Pink dresses, roses, sun hats, balloons, & ribbons. If I could live in one of these ads I would.

I love this field mainly because it’s right next to my apartment & was delighted when I found pink wildflowers (weeds?) growing. However, by the time I walked from my car to this spot, my legs were stinging. Some plant had reached out & attacked me in a few spots & cut my shoot time down to about 5 minutes. I could not wait to get home & wash off. Good news. It’s not poison ivy! It’s a good thing I didn’t wait any longer to take this photo. I drove by the next day & the field was mowed. Too bad.

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a sunset

I was running around my house like a crazy person when I happened to look out my window. I had been cleaning my house (which meant everything seemed to get messier) but had to take a moment to step outside & get a photo of the sunset. I feel like I always miss the beautiful ones, but I caught it today! I’m pretty certain it stopped me in my tracks with an audible “Oh, wow!” What do you think?

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